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Year 4 visit to Maple Lodge Sewage Works.

Year 4 experienced an informative and fascinating day learning about the treatment of sewage as part of our topic of Water, Water Everywhere.
The children performed experiments and had a tour of the sewage works. They loved learning about the importance of only putting the 4 Ps down the toilet! (Ask a Year 4 child ….)

The water's a bit brown ...

The water’s a bit brown …

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Being Healthy

On 12th February Class 2AM wowed the audience with their Assembly about their Topic: ‘Fit and Fabulous’. They showcased many of the things they did in Term 3, including exotic fruit and vegetable tasting, making a giant food pyramid, a visit from Doctor Simpson and the many ways we keep fit both in and out of school. The speaking, singing and dancing were amazing – well done, 2AM!

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Forest School Club

The sun shone and hot chocolate was enjoyed by all at our first Forest School Club this year.

We have lots of place​s for any Year 3 or Year 4 children. Please come and join us on the field next Mondays after school at 3.15pm-4.15pm. Let the office know as they can pop your name on the register. Thank you.

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Measuring Up!

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In Maths we have been exploring lots of things that we use for measuring and then sorting them according to whether they measure time, weight, length or capacity. We now know our kg from our km and our minutes from our ml. Keep looking at home for more things that we use for measuring.

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What Am I?

Year 1 enjoyed writing descriptions for different animals and getting their friends to guess what animal they were.

All children wrote from the point of view of the animal and described themselves. for example “I have four legs, I have a long tail and I like to chase cats!”

We invited Mr Pearson to come and guess some of our animal descriptions. He struggled to guess what some of them could be- especially Rhys’ hienna!


Animal Poetry in Year 1

To end this term’s animal topic, Year 1 enjoyed some fun and exciting literacy lessons where we learnt and performed a range of animal poems.

Each group produced animals masks to accompany their performance and created actions to match their poem.

We had crabs, giraffes, lions and dinosaurs! It was great fun and all children performed brilliantly!


Year 5 Trampolining

On the 12th February 2015, the whole of Year 5 walked up to Banbury Academy to do something really exciting. As part of the Spirit of Adventure condition, Year 5 were going trampolining. The movements the children performed were; how to stop, seat drop, half turn, full turn and a seat drop with a half turn. The children took turns all afternoon but Year 5 had to go home eventually. All the children wanted to stay and have more goes.

Blog written by Robert Kuropatnicki

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