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St George’s Day

Bradley, Willow, Molly, Gracie and Anya dressed in Beaver, Brownie and club uniforms.

We LOVE learning new things in these clubs. They showed us how they have to march on Sunday in the parade.



George and the Dragon drama lesson
2AG enjoyed a drama lesson outside.

We worked with a friend. One person was the dragon and the other was George.

Can you guess who won the battle?IMG_0572


Warriner Farm

Last week’s trip to Warriner farm was AMAZING!


Early Years went on their first big adventure outside of school….. and we loved it! It was our first time on the coach and we have to admit we were all a little nervous at first but we made our teachers proud! We were sensible, responsible and used our listening ears all day!



At the farm we met Bev who told us all about what happens on the farm and which animals we might see!


We discussed the importance of washing our hands and we learnt how t do a farmer’s hand wash before we went out to meet the farm animals!

We met the sheep in their field….we couldn’t get very close thought – they kept running away from us!


DSCF2008 DSCF2006



We think a sheep dog must have a very tricky time herding the sheep!





We tried our best to get close but they were too fast for us!



The sheep have been busy having lots of adorable lambs so we went to visit them too!


DSCF2014 DSCF2024 DSCF2025
DSCF2030 DSCF2029 DSCF2012We did manage to get quite close to the lambs! They were a bit scared of us at first but they got used to us after a while and we had a great time playing with them!



The lambs liked nibbling on our fingers, our clothes and even our hats!







We tried to be calm and careful and very gentle!




They were woolly and soft and warm!





We loved them so much we wanted to take them home!










We saw some huge farm equipment! The tractor was gigantic…we wondered how anybody could climb up into it! DSCF2002


The wheels were bigger than most of us!




Finally we went to see the goats and pigs…..

The goats were really friendly…..

DSCF2063….they wanted to come out of their pens to say hello to us properly!!






They made so much noise especially when we stroked them!DSCF2058 DSCF2051 DSCF2052DSCF2047 DSCF2045


We were brave and made the most of the opportunity to get up close to some farm animals!




We met some baby goats too, and Bev told us they were called kids!





The kids were very soft and loved being petted!






We all got a chance to meet them!




The kids had little horns growing, and really soft ears!




We saw the pigs and piglets, but we didn’t go in to see them too closely because the piglets were only a week old and were very busy drinking milk!






We will just have to go back and see them another time!


We had the best time at Warriner Farm!

Thank you to Bev for showing us around and introducing us to the animals, and a special thank you to Maximilian’s mummy and Alexia’s mummy for coming to help us on our first big trip!

We can’t wait until out next adventure!





A HUGE Well done from the STARS team

to the 233 pupils at Harriers who walked to school today, Wednesday 22nd April.

stars team

Please keep making an effort to reduce the traffic around our school

and to also increase active, healthy pupils at Harriers Banbury Academy!

Emily Gravett writes back!


We used merino wool to create the front covers of our favourite Emily Gravett books.






We had lots of questions to ask Emily. We each wrote her a letter and told her about our felt making.




Emily writes us a lovely letter! It was very exciting to get such a special letter.

Thank you Emily from 2AG