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Campfire fun!

Ging gang gooli gooli gooli gooli Watcha
Ging gang goo, ging gang goo,
Ging gang gooli gooli gooli gooli Watcha
Ging gang goo, ging gang goo.
Heyla heyla sheyla heyla sheyla heyla Ho!
Heyla heyla sheyla heyla sheyla heyla Ho!
Shali walli shali walli shali walli shali walli
Oompah, oompah….

Monday 18th May was the last Forest School Club for Term 5. We had great fun sitting and singing around the campfire.


More oxygen needed!
Miss Grant helping the fire


Riley, Natali and Emily watching the fire.


Marshmallows are starting to turn gooey!


IMG_0720The s’mores we made were delicious! A s’more (sometimes spelt smore) is a traiditonal night time campfire treat. This is a roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two biscuits.


Grendon Hall Residential 5-6th May 2015

DSCN1717DSCN157845 children from Year 4 experienced a fantastic 2 days of awesome activities including learning how to make their own beds, teambuilding, rolling down hills, abseiling, the leap of faith, swamp challenge, football, cooking dough and roasting marshmallows over a fire pit, drinking hot chocolate before bed time and having an amazing sleepover with friends! Well done to everyone for challenging themselves!

Smiles and laughter  all the way …..

DSCN4676DSCN1595DSCN4793DSCN4858IMG_2006IMG_2034 DSCN1742Rolling, rolling, rolling ....

DSCN1762DSCN1600How do I put the duvet into the cover?

DSCN4716 DSCN4743IMG_1963IMG_1995DSCN1685

Devious, sly, wonky nose and double chin… Would you like to meet her?

Read our fantastic character description of Mrs Twit.


Let me tell you all about the evil, wicked Mrs Twit from ‘The Twits’.

The ugly Mrs Twit has a wonky nose and a double chin. Her eyes are very unusual as she has one glass eyeball. Mrs Twit has very crooked teeth so that she can snarl at young children and scare them! I bet you didn’t know that Mrs Twit always wears the same old, stinky clothes. She never ever washes!

Mrs Twit can be very devious and sly. Sometimes she is nice and polite to animals such as Muggle-Wump the monkey but she soon tricks them. When Muggle-Wump was sitting in his still she tricked him by smearing sticky glue all over his cage.

Overall Mrs Twit is a horrible character in Roald Dahl’s story of ‘The Twits’. She is not somebody you would want to meet either day or night, especially if you are a child.

by Alex, Maciej, Abbie V, Milan, Ellie N



Can you solve 5JG/GC equations?

​​Can you solve our equations?

Angela – 10P + P =110  Question – What is the value of P?

Billy – 3YAP = 180. If Y is 3 and P is 10 what is the value of A?

Cordelia – A + A + A = 10Y – 24 = 6. If A is 2 what is the value of Y?


Thank you Year 5

5SF – Home of many an aspiring author!

The huge mansion was in front of me and my feet seemed to squelch in a boggy mass of compost. The space between the arches was plainer than anything I’d ever seen. But everything that was beautiful – the cupola, the front verandah – shone like golden nuggets in a pile of coal.  As I stepped inside, I was to be mesmerised… or disappointed.

Damian, 5SF