Location, location, location…

Earlier this term Year 5 looked into compass directions and how to use a compass as part of  our Geography focussed topic. The children were given the task of drawing an accurate chalk compass on the playground. A few mistakes were made, but we were soon all heading the right direction…

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Weasley’s Wizards Wheezes

Year 5 were invited to Banbury Academy to make and advertise their own potions to sell at a Harry Potter style market.

The children were taught an unusual science lesson, to produce a successful potion.

Once a potion was created the children were taught a literacy lesson to write a pitch to persuade their parents to buy it..

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Teaching volume in year 5!

5JG/GC were asked to estimate the volume of the classroom.

To visualise the scale of a cubic metre, the class were told to work as a team using 12 metre sticks to create a metre cube, which helped the children calculate a realistic estimation .IMG_0551IMG_0550

Who was it?

In year 5 we arrived at school to see our classroom had turned into a crime scene. Not even the staff knew what had happened in our classroom!



We entered the classroom, carefully, just in case we disturbed any evidence! We needed to find out who had left the all the coffee cups and glasses in the classroom? Which member of staff was guilty?!





We put our skills to the test and investigated which material was the most successful to lift any guilty fingerprints.








The following week we found a suspicious letter written and we needed to identify which pen had been used. So we set up a scientific investigation and used a process called chromatography.








Chromatography is used to separate mixtures of substances into their components. We used this process to identify the dyes which make up a particular ink to identify the pen a criminal had used.



Walk on Wednesday iPad mini competition

Our STARS team wrote to you in October introducing an exciting competition – every week that your child walked to school, they would be entered into our prize draw to win an iPad mini.

We will be drawing the winning ticket on Wednesday 15th July at 3.15pm in the school playground.

Please join us for this draw as you could be the new owner of an iPad mini!

Music Garden

hubsDespite the persistent rain, a few families showed up to help Mrs Bee and Mrs Grant with the construction of the new music and sensory garden. Thanks to some fantastically handy dads, we constructed frames to Mrs Bee’s design in order to build a variety of plastic and metal xylophones. We created a cutlery chime table and a ‘bang on a baking tray’ wall!

table xylophone

Several other parents spent a lot of time planting up some of the donated grasses and
scented herbs.

The idea is that this area will grow and evolve enabling children to be immersed in a sensory experience.rain

Thank you to Mr Grant, The Williams Family, The Early Family and The Mitchell Family for their time, experience, help and tools!

plastic pipes

Visiting the Post Box

This term year 1 have been studying the book The Jolly Postman and are enjoying reading lots of different letters.

This week we have learnt our addresses and even managed to take a letter to the postbox to send home! We hope you enjoy reading all about the Jolly Postman and what we have been doing.

Please feel free to write back to us!

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